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Cultivate wild wonder.

Pursue meaning.

Discover your passions.

freedom to fail.

embrace the world as it is.

envision the world that might be.

engineer the world as it ought to be.

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about the joy of discovery project

In every child, there is a pull to be immersed in nature. A strong desire to run barefoot through the forest and feel completely free. With the constant barrage of technology, social media, and video games, many of us have lost touch with how important nature is in fostering the whole child. The Joy of Discovery Project, a Denver based outdoor education program, strives to rekindle that connection with the Earth, and in doing so, teach children the value that the outdoors has to offer. 

Through nature, kids can meet all necessary educational standards, in an interactive and experiential environment, while also developing a greater sense of self and community. 

about the guide

Hannah is a licensed special education teacher and horticultural therapist. Hannah is endorsed by the Colorado Department of Education to teach all general academic subject areas. She is trained in differentiating instruction, which involves tailoring curricula to individual student’s needs. Her teaching philosophy centers around the development of the whole child (physical, social, emotional, and intellectual). She feels that these qualities are just as important as a child’s academic successes. Hannah is also CPR/AED and First Aid Certified, as well as a Red Cross certified lifeguard and swim instructor. Hannah is a fly fishing guide and has also worked as a recreational therapist. She is able to adapt activities based on both physical and cognitive abilities.


lucia, 13

Hannah is a great teacher, especially in the outdoors because she takes pride in her work. She takes her time to make sure that I understood exactly what the expectation is. She is great at fly fishing which I think is pretty cool. Hannah has taught me so much that has a good impact on my life.


NICO, 11

Hannah is a loving person and she teaches me new things in the outdoors everyday about overcoming fears.



Hannah is kind and takes us to places that are fun. I learn about new things.


give back

At The Joy of Discovery, it is our goal to have an equal opportunity to experience the outdoors, regardless of financial circumstances. With every purchase of a trip, 15% of the trip cost will go towards a scholarship fund, which will allow for low income families to participate in adventure trips!