If you are looking for more of a general outdoor experience, we can tailor an educational experience in the outdoors that will excite and engage your student.

If hiking or fishing are not appealing, we can customize an educational experience in the outdoors.

Enrichment trips may be lead by guest instructors. 

Enrichment activities are meant to add to your child’s at-home education in the form of specified outdoor activities. These are not as heavily focused on the academic benefits of the outdoors but instead are meant to aid in your child’s desire to explore,  spend time in nature, and learn new skills.  

the enrichment program could include:


-Setting up camp

-Survival skills

-Leave no trace

-Outdoor photography

-Bird watching


-Forest Bathing

-Fly Tying

-Urban outdoor experiences

-Urban adventures 

-Camp cooking



-Nature journaling

-Nature art 



-Historical walking tours

-Folklore and mythology